We are the best in Roblox. Noah has 5 Robux and Agheid has 246 robux.
The game of Roblox is so simple i just a game it’s so much games in it’s like 1.0000 millions of games.
Some games is to level up and get more coins.
It’s a Milion’s of people that plays the game like Minecraft or Fortnite. Noah likes Anime tycoon.
Agheid likes Jailbreak.
Noah have played 100 games in Roblox and Agheid he have played Roblox for 2 years.
Noah have played Roblox for 3 years.
The best game in Roblox is work at a pizza place and meep city, Jailbreak.
The end!

Av: Agheid & Noah

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